Living Pictures

Delight your audience by bringing static media to life,
creating new avenues for customer engagement.

Bring pictures to life!

Living Pictures is a SaaS platform the uses cutting edge technology to allow you to turn your static media content into augmented reality experiences. With Living Pictures, you can create totally new engagement opportunities that will capture the imagination of your audience.

Augmented Reality

Living Pictures creates an Augmented Reality experience by using a device's camera to insert videos into the world around the user.


The Living Pictures platform presents users with a number of different channels. When users select your channel, they will be able to view your Content Pairs.

Content Pairs

Content Pairs consist of a marker image and a video. When a user is viewing your channel the platform recognizes the marker image, seamlessly replacing it with the video on the user's screen.

Custom Needs?

Living Pictures was created by CrossComm, a world class immersive, mobile and wep app development studio. If you have custom needs, like integrating augmented or virtual reality into your own app, setup a meeting or email us.

Our partnerships with top creative talent can help you deliver a consistent pipeline of innovative experiences that drive business results.

CrossComm is a minority-owned, award-winning app development studio. Our expertise spans mobile, web, AR/VR, and bluetooth powered IoT development. We're dedicated to pursuing the latest technologies to advance the interests of our clients.

Wallcrawls delivers meaningful, compelling experiences that enhance your reality, brand, and bottom line. They focus on business applications that are proven to provide utility and measurable results for your organization.

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